Apply to join the Million Lives Collective 2022 (for organisations, innovators and social entrepreneurs)

Apply to join the Million Lives Collective 2022 (for organisations, innovators and social entrepreneurs)

Deadline: June 3, 2022

Applications are open to join the Million Lives Collective 2022. The aim of the collective is to inspire and advocate for organisations, innovators and social entrepreneurs that have reached transformative numbers of people. They do this by celebrating innovations, learning from their scaling journeys and facilitating collaborations across the network.

The search is on for innovative solutions that are scaling to reach transformative numbers of people.


The Million Lives Collective is an initiative launched in 2019 that recognises and raises awareness of innovators and social entrepreneurs making a significant impact in addressing global development challenges, as well as the ecosystem partners that contribute to their growth. They may have already scaled an innovation to serve at least 1,000,000 clients or may be rapidly approaching this goal.


The Million Lives Collective is currently comprised of two cohorts of organisations, innovators and social entrepreneurs who are improving the lives of those living on less than $5.50 a day.

  • MLC Vanguard celebrates those who have directly impacted 1,000,000+ clients with their innovations.
  • MLC Voyager recognises those whose innovations are expected to impact 1,000,000+ clients within 18 months.


Members will benefit from opportunities to:

  • Convene with other ecosystem actors. Collaborate with the MLC’s supporting Partner network, including the brokering of introductions, connections and invitations to shared events.
  • Gain exposure. Celebration and profiling on an international scale through Partner communication materials, MLC-branded sessions at key events.
  • Convene with other Members. Connect with other organisations, innovators and social entrepreneurs, sharing challenges and learning from each other’s scaling journeys, as well as valuable capabilities, market insights and relationships.


  • Innovations from any sector will be considered for inclusion in the Million Lives Collective. The key requirement is that the innovation must serve a client base of those living on less than USD $5.50 per day.

You can apply if:

  • Your innovation impacts people living below the poverty line of USD 5.50 in earnings a day;
  • Your innovation impacted at least one million people or is expected to impact one million people within 18 months

Selection Criteria

Applications are assessed based on the following high-level criteria: 

  1. Breadth of Impact: The number of lives the innovation directly impacts.
  2. Innovation: The extent to which an innovation can be considered ‘innovative’ within the current ecosystem.
  3. Magnitude of Social Outcomes: The extent of the impact generated for each end-user of an innovation.
  4. Evidence: The extent to which impact reported is supported by sufficiently rigorous data and documentation.


  • The one-stage application process invites organisations, innovators and social entrepreneurs to describe their innovative solution, the number of people reached and the magnitude of social impact. Applicants might be contacted to provide more information or evidence as needed to ensure the best possible chance of becoming a Member.

Click here to apply.

For more information, visit Million Lives Collective.

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